The Popular Inspector Morse Series

The detective drama series of Inspector Morse is based on the Chief Inspector fictional books written by Colin Dexter. Chief Inspector Morse was played by John Thaw in the series while Sergeant Lewis was played by Kevin Whately. There are cameo appearances made by Dexter in most of the episodes.

The series consists of 33 one hundred minute episodes that were produced from 1987 up to 2000. There are only thirteen novels. This means that twenty extra episodes were produced for TV. The series is still popular and is often repeated on ITV3 and ITV1 in Britain. The police series is located within the stately area surrounding Oxford. Chief Inspector Morse is a mild mannered but nonetheless very thorough man, and together with Detective Sergeant Lewis, his trusted and faithful colleague, solve numerous murder mysteries. Each episode entails a complete story.

The main actors amongst others include John Thaw who stars as Inspector Morse (in all 33 episodes), Kevin Whately who stars as Detective Sergeant Lewis (in 32 episodes), Colin Dexter as the college porter (in 30 episodes), and James Grout as Chief Superintendant Strange (in 22 episodes).

The first episode was aired on January 6th 1987 and was called ‘The Dead of Jericho’. The storyline revolves around Morse’s friend Ann Stavely who apparently commits suicide in her Jericho home. Morse is not convinced, though. He then starts working alongside Sergeant Lewis. Gemma Jones is included in the cast.

The final episode was aired on November 15th 2000 and was called ‘The Remorseful Day’. The storyline revolves around Morse trying to solve Yvonne Harrison’s unsolved murder while his own health is deteriorating. He later suffers a major heart attack and subsequently dies at the hospital. His final words are ‘Thank Lewis for me’.

Inspector Morse fans have the opportunity of enjoying a bus tour from London to look into the famous detective’s world. Many locations familiar to Inspector Morse and his trusty colleague Lewis can be visited in Oxford, and includes a guided walk of 1 ½ hours around the Morse locations. Fans will be able to hear snippets about their enigmatic detective.

The charming Monkey Island where scenes were also filmed is included in the itinerary, and guests can enjoy afternoon tea. Other highlights of the tour include visiting the St. Michaels Church Bray where the episode ‘The Service of All the Dead’ was filmed. Another spot is in the pub that overlooks the Thames where Morse took Helen. Oxford colleges can also be visited that were used as locations in the series. The house can also be discovered from the episode ‘The Dead of Jericho’ where Anne was found hanging. Throughout the fun tour, questions are asked that relate to Inspector Morse to see if guests can solve any answers.