The 5 Year Old Stanley Thermos

It’s been 5 years since I bought my first Stanley thermos, poured hot coffee in it, and brought it to the office. The thermos itself has been dropped, accidentally kicked, and pounded countless times. There was even a time when a it got run over by a coworker’s car. Even after all of that, my trust Stanley thermos still keeps my coffee hot and my juices cold, like any good thermos should.

The Stanley thermos looks like it has seen better days. There are dents on the underside, scratches all over the body, the colors may have faded a little – the thermos basically looks like it should after all those years of abuse. I think it was more durable than expected by anybody, seeing as to how it only suffered minor dents and scratches back when it accidentally slipped from my hands, rolled a few feet through the parking lot, landed straight in the path of a coworker’s backing car, and got rolled over by one of the car’s tires.

Getting run over by a car was the worst that ever happened to my trusty Stanley thermos. There are other minor misfortunes that befell said thermos, though. Like the time when it fell down in the space between two adjacent cubicles, got wedged in the space, and found itself being violently pulled and tugged at by its owner. In hindsight, I think I could have done other lesser flasks a lot of damage with that move. I’m not a big man, but I believe I could have bent the Stanley thermos if it wasn’t made so tough.

Come to think of it, I’m a really clumsy person and tend to damage or break a lot of things, and the Stanley thermos may have taken the brunt of it, owing in large part to its durability and toughness, allowing it to take accident after accident and still keeping itself largely intact for the next one. It was a tank. A really small, important, utility service tank filled with hot beverage.

What made my Stanley thermos even more amazing besides its innate toughness is the fact that it still works as well as it did 5 years ago. I would have expected the inner walls to be compromised by all the shock and impact it received, resulting in loss of thermal insulation. I expected it to develop a tear or a hole at the very least, and spill coffee all over my pants when I carry it to work, or when I’m sitting on the bus. I would consider it as the thermos’ well-deserved revenge for all those years of abuse. Fortunately, my trusty thermos is still loyal, and still serving me hot coffee, showing no sign of ever slowing down, or cooling off.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see the day when my Stanley thermos stops working right, having no actual desire to intentionally break it. Maybe my son will inherit it, if he ever develops a craving for caffeine, and he finds himself working for a stingy company that won’t even give its employees the benefit of an office coffeemaker.